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Atiu Island is a volcanic mass rising from the depths of the Pacific Ocean for over eight million years to date. The risen surface was once a thriving tropical reef now termed “Makatea” or dead coral from being exposed to the atmosphere as the Island began and continues to rise above sea level. Atiu is the third largest island in the Cooks Islands attracting enthusiasts & adventurers from across the globe. The serenity of the Islands natural beauty belay it’s ancestry who were amongst the fiercest warriors of Polynesia, dominating it’s close neighbours in Mitiaro and Mauke and further beyond.

There are many pockets of secluded sandy beaches scattered around Atiu. The unspoiled and lush rainforest surround a central highland where according to legend, the first Polynesians arrived at a time when birds and insects were the only living creatures.

One of the most striking aspects about Atiu is the Islands mythical stalagmite & stalactite caves harbouring fresh water pools that can reach depths of over 50m. These caves were often used by the ancient Polynesians as buriel chambers or to lock away precious artefacts from rivals deep inside.

With virtually no township and a population of only 400 residents who survive mostly off their own produce from farming & fishing, Atiu offers a true Island experience where nature prevails over the land creating the ideal habitat for bird species that have flourished in the dense forest which thrives on the mineral rich Makatea rock. The Kopeka, one of the worlds rarest birds, is indigenous to the Island & the only place in the world where it is found navigating its way only in darkness using its bat-like sonar senses from it’s safe haven in the many limestone caves that line the island.
Atiu infact is a haven for exotic native birds where 11 protected and endangered species breed harmoniously.

On certain days, the soft aroma of organically grown Arabica coffee beans getting roasted for packaging filters through the air alluring visitors to sample first hand the Pacific’s number 1 Arabica coffee production.

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