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Fakarava, is a preserved natural wilderness & a heaven for bird and tropical lagoon species all living in grace with the land and water.

The rich ecosystem infact is residence to some of the worlds rarest birds, plants, and crustaceans while undiscovered dive sites offer great adventure for some exciting underwater exploration. The people enjoy taking a day at a time in their close knit communities & old lime stone church buildings.

In ancient times, Fakarava was once the population centre which served as the ancient capital of the Tuamotu Archipelago & is only today the newest destination to welcome tourism among Tahiti & her Islands.

The lagoon of Fakarava is the second largest after Rangiroa & equally as rich in natures manifestation of diverse ecosystems both below and above the water.

Fakarava’s pristine natural environment has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to promote socio-economic development and biodiversity for the preservation of rare species. The program involves local communities who actively participate in governance and management, research, education, training and monitoring - conservation on seven recognized atoll area’s.

The most populous areas are centralized around the charming villages of Rotoava and the Tetamanu.

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White Sands Beach Resort
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