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If only stone could talk…

The Island of Mangaia is estimated at 18 million years old, the oldest Island of the Pacific and second largest Island of the Cook Islands attracting archaeologists and anthropologists who make it an important expedition in their quest to bring to light the ancient world.

A volcanic plateau at the Islands centre becomes apparent as you track across the exquisite landscapes leading off fossilised coral cliffs that reveal sunken plateau of lush wetlands kept fertile by subversive streams and plummeting creeks bursting its way down the sides. The island is known by the Polynesians as Auau Enua, meaning terraces, or A’Ua’U meaning 'levelled'.

Evidence of early Polynesians who inhabited the Island is found deep inside ancient cave structures with seemingly endless chambers hoarding ancestral bones. One such cave “Teruarere is over 3km long.

Mangaia’s wild bird life is yet another major attraction with over 11 endangered bird species making for some fascinating nature walks to experience the vast and wild wilderness of this ancient paradisiacal.

Babes Place Mangaia Villas
Babes Place
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NZ$375 Per night for 2pax
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