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Manihi, immersed in the immensity of the South Pacific, is a heaven for the world's most sought after gem, ‘Pearl’. Manihi’s lagoon waters proclaim the most idyllic environment to produce some of the worlds finest pearls & there are now over 60 pearl producers established here.

An unabated natural world, the crystal-clear lagoon of Manihi was once filled with mother-of-pearl and is the birth place of Tahiti's first black pearl farm. Manihi remains the leading supplier for the Tahitian cultured pearl industry today.

Asides from the fascination this natural gem aspires, visitors also enjoy exploring the lagoon and the main village of Turipaoa. There are not so many cars around due to the very limited land mass so walking through town square or along the coral pathways is as tranquil and romantic as the lagoon itself.

Island Beach Resort
Manihi Pearl Beach Resort
From €302 Per night for 2pax
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