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Easily distinguished by the grace of it’s mountain peaks reaching for the foreshores , Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands was the first stop during the great Polynesian migration in 1500BC after leaving the legendary homeland of Havaiki Nui.

Rarotonga was considered a hub by the early Polynesians during their epic journey to discover and make claim to the Polynesian Islands that we see today so there hadn’t been a stable population until the mid 1700’s AD with the arrival of Tangiia on his double hull Vaka (sailing canoe) “Takitumu”.

Descendants of Tangiia remain to this day in the villages of their forefathers & although the traditions were much abandoned at the arrival of the early missionaries, the Mana (spirit) lives on in the hearts of the Maori people who are compassionate by their ancestry and the remaining sacred Marae (ceremonial sites) that survived the implementation of a new world order.

Rarotonga is a relatively young Island noticeably by it’s high mountain peaks and rich volcanic soil providing the perfect conditions for a lush tropical rainforest that engulfs the valleys and lines the mountain ridges. There are parts of Rarotonga’s 32km circumference that has never been treaded on my modern man before due to the share density of the islands tropical rainforest limiting nature walkers to the cross Island track with a local guide. The south eastern coastline harbours the Islands best snorkelling locations in a turquoise blue lagoon gently washing over a powdery white sandy beach.

With the opening of the Rarotonga International Airport in the early 1970’s by Queen Elizabeth in person, it’s no wonder the Cook Islands is regarded one of the last hidden treasures of the Pacific. Rarotonga offers a wide choice of accommodation from luxury ocean breeze Resorts to privately owned home rentals to suit every desire.

Reputed for the number of quality restaurants all around the Island & the number of tours and activities that are available, this Island paradise is guaranteed to exceed your expectations of a tropical holiday.

The aura is felt immediately upon arriving to the Island and seeing the generation’s old Taro swamps (root crop) and papaya plantations along the road sides and the ever present palm trees swaying harmoniously to the gentle tunes of mother nature sweeping across the land.

Palm Grove Muri Beach Resort Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa Pacific Resort Rarotonga
Palm Grove
Per night for 2pax
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NZ$285 Per night for 2pax
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NZ$345 Per night for 2pax
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NZ$400 Per night for 2pax
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Muri Beach Club Hotel Royale Takitumu Villas Little Polynesian Resort Crown Beach Resort & Spa
Muri Beach Club Hotel
Per night for 2pax
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NZ$520 Per night for 2pax
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NZ535 Per night for 2pax
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NZ$565 Per night for 2pax
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