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Bounteous sunshine, blue-green lagoons, beautiful Tahiti Resorts, jewelled islands and an alluring native culture, French Polynesia is an irresistible destination.

Tahiti has for centuries been a magnet for explorers and travellers, drawn to Polynesia by its lush, tropical beauty and the warm, easy lifestyle of the people.

From the air, Tahiti looks like two green discs sitting on the turquoise waters of the South Pacific. The larger disc on the west is Tahiti Nui or ‘Big Tahiti’, while the smaller one is Tahiti Iti (‘Little Tahiti’). In the centre of each section are two extinct volcanoes. The two parts are joined by the isthmus of Taravao. A flat plain runs around virtually the entire coast, barring Tahiti Iti’s eastern corner, where sheer cliffs drop down to the sea.

The capital of Tahiti, Papeete, is where you will most likely begin your adventure and there are numerous shops, restaurants and Tahiti hotels and resorts. Ecotourism is a business whose time has come to Tahiti. Small, more intimate B&B style Tahiti accommodation attracts a tourist more sensitive to local culture and environment.

There is so much to see and do in Tahiti. The deep, green valleys marching down from the eroded volcano to the coast are a trekker’s delight. Shallow beaches are ideal for family vacations, while others, where the surf pounds relentlessly, offer superb surfing. As the setting sun paints the horizon purple, Pape’ete dons neon colours and transforms into French Polynesia’s most happening place. If you happen to visit in July, catch the Heiva Nui dance festival, when dancers from all the islands congregate in Tahiti to celebrate their heritage.

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Intercontinental Tahiti Resort
Per night for 2pax
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€159 Per night for 2pax
Read More Hotel Tahiti Nui
€132 Per night for 2pax
Read More Hotel Le Meridien Tahiti
€290 Per night for 2pax
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