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Tikehau, the Pink Sand Island, a graceful elliptical sphere of dazzling white and pink-sand banks is reminiscent of a picture postcard.

By popular vote it is considered one of the most stunning atolls in Tahiti & her Islands, the aroma in the air is equalled by the abundance of life in Tikehau’s magnificent lagoon. There are 400 friendly residents on the Island, their homes exposing the lush tropical fauna, welcome visitors to share and explore authentic Island living beyond imagination.

In Tikehau, fish are very plentiful infact to such an extent that Jacques Cousteau's research group concludes it to contain the highest concentration of fish among any other atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago.

For the residents, fishing is the primary industry, families share lagoonariums - underwater fish parks fenced in - where they trap fish & lagoon species for food and income. The fishermen supply the capital with fresh fish by air direct to the local markets. Visitors enjoy endless hours exploring by kayak, snorkelling, diving, boating and touring the main village of Tuherahera.

Island Beach Resort Relais Royal Tikehau
Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort
From €454 Per night for 2pax
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From €214 Per night for 2pax
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